*It’s hard to compress the complexity of playing this game into a handful of bullet points. That’s why some advice may be random and taken completely out of context.

*Most of this content are what I learned from reading guides, watching youtube and browsing /r/summonerschool on reddit.

If you have any tips, ideas, suggestions, you can submit them here.



  • Your drafting location is a powerful tool in champion select if used properly.
    • Example: First 2 picks are better at flex-picking (not revealing what role you are), while the last 2 picks are better at counterpicking, filling to complement your team composition
  • Prevent Drafting Full Physical or Magic damage teams. It allows the enemy team to stack up a certain type or resistance (makes their defense much more gold efficient).


  • Spells don’t trigger minion aggro.
  • How a player controls a champion tells whether their cooldowns are up or not.
    • On the contrary, you can fool a player by allowing them to think your spells are on cooldown even if they’re not.
  • It may help to dodge linear skillshots around perpendicular to the direction they are fired from.
    • Also don’t be afraid to dodge towards the enemy if you must.
  • You can check (for about 30 seconds) if enemy burned heal recently by left-clicking on them and looking for its debuffs.
  • Avoid spending too much time chasing, after a won teamfight. Instead, look to see if you can take any objectives right after the fight.
  • Avoid making 5v5 fights when behind. The team with more gold can execute the fight better with their gold/ damage lead.
    • Instead, look to find sources of gold (farming) or ward up and look for picks.

Wave Management

  • Freezing: Holding a position of the wave in your favor. If there are 4 extra enemy minions alive when the waves meet, you can freeze almost indefinitely.
  • Slow Push: On a side lane, kill 3 caster minions on an even wave to build up a large wave later on.

(Video on wave management by my favorite league youtuber Dong Huap)


  • Blue Trinkets are quite popular with no more Green Wards, giving you unlimited wards that lasts infinitely depending on how well placed it is.
    • Usually upgrade to blue if you’re ADC
    • Usually upgrade to red if you’re Support
      • However, support can also upgrade blue to increase constant vision in solo queue (Bunnyfufu)
    • For top/mid/jung the options are more open, depending on the opponent and what kind of control you want to have (increased vision or increased denial)
  • Although a lot of times blue trinket is popular, you should still buy a lot of Control Wards.
    • It gives consistent vision denial whilst doing objectives (disables placed wards)
    • Disables Traps ( bye teemo.)
    • Makes vision war bait easier from blue side bot lane.


  • Autos are extremely strong at the first few levels- getting autos in early game can win you the lane. So to get maximum damage output it’s best to weave autos and spells together, not just spells.
    • Also, if the opponent starts to back off as they are losing trade, make sure to put one or two more autos in. It will eventually stack up and make a nice impact for your lane.
  • In some matchups, especially in 2v2 bot lane, levelling up first will most likely give you an immediate advantage because it’s 4 skills versus 2.
    • In solo lanes, it takes the first wave+ 1 melee minion to level up.
    • In duo lanes, it takes the first wave+ 3 melee minions to level up. However, the experience may differ with whether you do a camp or not.
  • Walk up to a minion pretending to last hit is a good way to bait enemy spells/mana, then back off and use a spell to secure the creep. (Useful on manaless champions like Katarina, or other low mana-consuming champions.)
  • Give up some cs to avoid taking damage, which will lose less than dying. A handful of creeps are worth giving up instead of giving enemy a kill (free gold for them) + lose two entire waves.
    • If you are in a matchup difficult to last hit, try to stay in exp range gain as much as possible so you don’t fall too far behind.
  • Know the trading potential of yourself (and ally) and your enemies.
    • Factor in:
      • Health Points
      • Resource (Mana, Energy, Flow, Fury etc.)
      • Cooldowns and it’s reduction (Skills and Summoner Spells)
      • Raw Damage (Runes + Base damage + Keystone Masteries)
      • Position of minion wave and potential minion damage
      • Crowd Control
      • Item advantage
      • Item Active CD
      • Map Awareness
        • Where are both Junglers/ any roaming laners that can turn this trade to a 1v2 (or) 2v2 in either favor?
        • Wards, Fog of War, Brush
  • One way to influence other lanes without taking a single step away from your lane is pressuring. Dominate your opponent, and force the jungler to come gank you, and get out alive. If the jungler is busy with you they don’t have time to camp your teammates.
    • First method is plain and simple, you expect the gank, outplay them 1v2 and kill them both. Rinse and repeat.
    • If you are not strong enough to 1v2, it is good enough to expect the gank and then run around the waste the jungler’s time.

Mid Game

  • If no towers has fallen, it’s easier to group up and prioritize killing one outer tower before the enemy does (Grants 400 gold).
    • On the contrary, trading towers safely and finishing second now comes with a consequence (Enemy tps bot lane and you don’t, and they secure first tower.)
  • If your team kills an outer tower, the best thing to do is to find other objectives to pressure (inner tower, rotate mid, gain vision of their jungle etc.)
  • Towers give local gold. As a support, allowing adc to remain in the range while leaving yourself can give them extra gold.
  • Prioritize outer tower over drake in general, but might be worth contesting if it is infernal.
  • Utilize your interactive jungle to ward safely and extend your ward coverage.
    • You can also use it defensively by aiming it into your own jungle or objectives to clear enemy wards.
  • Group, don’t clump.
    • It’s smarter to stay a certain distance from your allies when they can catch you with an AoE spell ( Malph ult, Annie ult, etc.)
  • Killing off free towers can give means more gold, and more map pressure.
    •  If outers/inners haven’t fallen and they are fairly low risk/easy to take, you should go for those towers. (Especially getting inners on side-lanes can give you a much stronger map advantage.)
  • It’s easy to play the ahead game because you can cut through the team with sheer numbers, even with reckless warding.

Late Game

  • One pick in the late game can decide who wins or loses.
    • This is important especially if you are behind, catching isolated units in the game can turn around the game in your favor.
      • However, be careful since it is harder for the losing team to gain vision. Best to use Blue to Scout and Control to Sweep an area you’d like to camp in. Also, be careful as they can use the farsight in that brush.
    • Denying vision to the enemy team is crucial, and if you cannot gain vision on important objects, your adc, mid and/or top should have Farsight Alteration (blue trinket).
  • If a game lengthens, early-mid comps will fall off. If your comp consists of late game champions, turtling may allow your team to outscale theirs.
  • Don’t give up your own inhibitors to get Baron.
    • Giving up inhibitors create Map control for the enemy team, most likely forcing you to spend your baron time defending the missing inhibitor.
    • Also, they can counter-group your baron 1-3-1 or 1-4-0 splitting by threatening an inhibitor in another lane, forcing you to stand on a defensive stance with baron.
    • Worst case scenario, the forced baron might be stolen in a 50-50 smite war if the enemy jungler is present, giving more possibility to lose both Baron and the Inhibitor, which equals to an ensured loss for your team.


  • Mid inhibitor is where people most commonly group for in low elo, because it is the shortest lane to reach. It might not always be optimal.
  • Bot inhibitor should be taken when possible, since you can chain that into baron pressure.